The Batthyány Lajos Foundation was founded on Prime Minister József Antall's initiative in 1991 in order to promote Hungarian political mentality committed to the Hungarian people and nation, focussing on European unity and resting on common Christian values and a democratic parliamentary governing.
Therefore, the main duties of the Foundation are

  • to inform the players of public life;
  • to organise civil society;
  • to encourage the social and the political dialogue;
  • to promote efforts for European unity and the Euro-Atlantic idea;
  • to chart the courses of European development based on scientific studies;
  • to organise political training;
  • to support the scientific training of talented young people;
  • to organise and to support scientific, cultural and political activity aimed to achieve the targets of the Foundation and to disseminate knowledge and information related to it as widely as possible.
  • The Foundation regularly organises political and scientific seminars, round-table conferences and meetings on national and international level. In the framework of a wide-ranging sponsoring activity it contributes to the publication of books, publications and reviews, it is funding events and programs of social organisations and institutes, contributing to implementing the targets of the Foundation.
    The Foundation is open to a co-operation with any organisation or institution having similar ambitions.